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Theatre de Jrock

Hi! first and foremost, i want to say sorry for Spamming, but this is the easiest way to advertise - and it benefits you! It's a short diddy and it wont take up much room! At any rate ...
There is a Community called jrocktheatre. It is a serious jrock roleplaying community. It is generally for fun, but we roleplay with open minds and wide vocabulary. We aren't writing as if we are writing in our character's journal, but we are writing a third person story in which we control a certain Jrocker. Written in 3rd person, the story looks at all aspects of the plot and not "what is inside mana's head" per say. If you Love writing and you have a passion for Jrock, please join and audition. I know it may seen outrageous to have to audition for a community, but we want serious players only. If you can write a moderately long (check the community for average audition lengths) audition that shows that you know your character, play them well, and have an poetic ability, than we'll consider and vote. This community doesn't hold itself in a higher position than other Jrock Roleplaying communities, but we consider ourselves elite. The characters taken as of now at 3:45 am eastern US time are Die, Kaoru, Kyo, Toshiya, Mana, Kirito, and Yu~Ki. We are currently looking for any other Jrocker, but a Kozi and a Klaha particularly. Please don't be afraid to audition. thanks!
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